MISAR Callouts & Activities 2006
Date Incident
16th December Father Christmas special provided using modified Landrover & Boat
10th December 14:15 Call from Fire Control to cruiser 'Inheritance', located north Upton moorings. Problem of mooring pontoons breaking up in rising flood waters. Two boats responded and undertook making pontoons safe. 15:30 crew stood down.
22:48 Call from Fire Control to persons reported trapped in car in flooded Worcester car park. Stop received 22:51, people had managed to exit car safely. Crew stood down.
7th - 10th December Joint operations with Environment Agency for erection of new flood barriers at Upton. 24 hour shift system after erection to manage system and man pumps
3rd December 09:30 Local call to badly injured swan lying on bank of Upton Marina entrance. Swan recovered safely and taken to Swan Rescue at Upton Warren
26th November 10:00 Call to cruiser in risk of capsizing due to rising flood waters in North Worcester. Two boats mobilised. Cruiser was taking on water so pumping out undertaken and then boat towed to Diglis Slipway. 12:00 crew stood down
17th November 08:15 One boat & crew assisting BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio with Children in Need. Crew stood down 13:20
5th November Safety cover at Gloucester Docks major fireworks display. One boat with Swift Water team. No incidents
2nd November 15:00 Boat fire at Kempsey Marina. Crew stood down at 17:00 hours
27th October 16:50 Called by Fire Control to cow in river at Clevelode. Nothing found. Incident closed
8th October During Worcester Rowing Club Regatta two incidents occurred:
1. Mid-morning - Coxed Quad with broken rudder hit the bank and wedged oars backwards. Crew recovered safely.
2. Late afternoon - Single scull capsized. One male rower rescued safely.
4th October
Request for assistance received from proprietor of Starline Narrowboat Hire Company. One of his narrowboats had been caught by the "weir flow" and had run aground at the side of the weir. Mercia team attended and with assistance from local boaters and use of the "Dart" wide beam canal boat, the Starline narrowboat was re-floated safely.
23.30 Crew stood down
17th September
Called by Swan Hotel, Upton upon Severn, with report of boat adrift north of Upton Bridge. Mercia 5 launched & responded. Boat recovered & moored by Pool House awaiting Police attendance. Boat had been stolen, outboard engine & all equipment had been taken.
09:58 Crew stood down.
16th September
Called by Police to undertake river search for missing girl. Two rescue boats on river search and three mobile units on land search. 22:05 Missing person located safely.
22:28 Crews stood down
14th September
Called by Police to conduct search of River Severn south of Upton upon Severn. Empty tent located at Ham Beach with empty beer cans lying about. Hasty search undertaken using two rescue boats. Nothing located.
22:35 Crews stood down ref Police instruction.
13th September
Called to narrowboat 'Alice' which had run aground north of Stourport. Boat carrying disabled passengers. Two MISAR units attended and towed narrowboat back to navigation channel. All passengers OK.
18:06 Crew stood down
12th September
Called by Fire Control to cow in River Severn at Clevelode. Brigade attendance, two units from Worcester, two from Evesham, plus two Brigade boats. MISAR attendance four units. Cow winched out using MISAR Landrovers.
22:15 Crews stood down
11th September
Called by Fire Control to cow in River Avon by Eckington Bridge. Brigade Control advised attendance by units from Pershore, Evesham & Worcester. Agreed with Fire Control that sufficient resources sent and MISAR would go on standby for Worcester & Evesham areas.

10th September

Called to investigate white day boat obstructing bend of river at Hanley Castle and carrying out illegal diving. Report passed to British Waterways
18:20 Crew stood down
27th August
Call from Fire Control to report of calf in river at Pixham Ferry. Joint operation, calf recovered safely by Brigade personnel.
13:00 Crew stood down.
13th August
Stourport Regatta. One female rower rescued from capsized boat.
12th August
Stourport Regatta. Call to one male rower trapped under Double Scull rowing boat. Person released safely.
13:00 Crew stood down.
6th August
Call from MV Conway Castle to sighting of child's small inflatable 1/4 mile south of Upton, river left. 'Hasty search' initiated followed by full detailed search. Police & Fire Control informed. 2nd deflated inflatable located on bank. No persons located. Police helicopter carried out sweep of river.
19:30 Crews stood down.
28th July

Call from Fire Control to one male person on base of Worcester main bridge. Joint operation person recovered safely.
05:00 Crew stood down.

22nd July
Call from Fire Control to report of cow in river by M50 bridge. Joint recovery operation.
14:00 Crew stood down.
21st July
Call from passing boat to report of calf in river by M50 bridge. Fire Control informed, no assistance required. Calf pulled out of river safely.
12:00 Crew stood down.
19th July
Call from Fire Control to report of suspected jumper from Southern Bridge. Mercia 1 launched from Seabourne, Kempsey. Joint search undertaken, nothing located.
05:00 Crew stood down.
18th July
Call from Fire Control to report of vehicle in pool at Madresfield Road. Vehicle towed out. No persons reported.
07:10 Crew stood down.
14th July
Call from Ian Cundy to stranded narrowboat at Bevere. Boat carrying disabled people. Crews attended with two Landrovers and towed boat off mud. Crew installed red & white tape to prevent further incidents.
15:17 Crew stood down.
12th July
Call from 'Oliver Cromwell' to sighting of boat capsized one mile south of Upton, river right. Police & Fire informed. Mercia 1 and 5 responded. No persons located. Search of river and banks undertaken, no persons located. Upon request from Police the boat towed to adjacent cow drink.
22:00 Crew stood down.
9th July
Call from Fire Control to narrowboat at Eckington Bridge. Disabled persons on board.
02:30 Crew stood down.
5th July
Call to flooding in Worcester. Crew attended Kings Head in Sidbury and undertook pumping out.
24:00 Crew stood down.
15th June 16:29 Call from Fire Control to assist Ambulance Service. Difficulty in removing injured person from a boat in Diglis Basin. No attendance by MISAR required, sufficient Brigade resources in attendance
12th June 11:35 Call from Fire Control to cow in river at Evesham. After discussion and confirming Brigade attendance of two boats with supporting appliances, MISAR agreed to stand by for Worcester area cover.
1st June 09:37 Call from Fire Control to missing person - River Avon, Evesham. Mobiles 1 & 2 and Mercia 5 responded. Joint search undertaken. Nothing found. 13:00 Crew stood down
31st May 13:21 Call from Fire Control to persons reported at Trimpley Reservoir. Mobile 1 with RDC responded. 14:06 Stop received. Crew returned to Upton
23rd May 19:30 Mercia 5 & 9 attended two boats at Clevelode in danger of sinking after heavy rain. One boat baled out & made safe. 2nd boat mooring lines changed & made safe
22nd May 20:00 Call from Fire Control. Lady trapped in car in flooded ford, Walcot Lane, Drakes Broughton. Mobile 1 with Mercia 2 responded. Lady removed safely by Fire Service Personnel
22nd May 16:00 Station went live
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