MISAR Callouts & Activities 2007
Date Incident
Thursday 22nd November 19.00hrs. Call to assist narrowboat trapped on town steps due to falling river levels. Call received too late, boat underwater on attendance. 19.30hrs Crew stood down.
Sunday 28th October 13.00hrs. Contacted by Tewkesbury Sailing Club for assistance, due to one of their large sailing boats having capsized in high winds. All the crew was safe but this type of boat has a large cabin and water had filled the cabin and the boat was now sitting on the bottom of the River Avon, this being right in the middle of the navigation. Mobile 1 with Mercia 3 & crew of 3, and Mobile 3 with crew of 2 together with generator and submersible pump equipment to Tewkesbury. Mercia 3 was launched and sunken boat located and both Landrovers proceeded to the bank on the opposite side to the sunken boat. Two irons were attached to the prow of the boat and it was towed by the Landrovers and beached on the side of the river. It was then pumped out and refloated and towed back to the moorings. Crew stood down at 17.30hrs.
Tuesday 16th October 11.20hrs. Call from Central Networks to assist with downed cables at Ripple (over Quarry Lake). Crew provided assistance using new Zodiac (Mercia 2) rescue boat. Three cables reinstated. Crew stood down 14.00hrs.
Sunday 23rd September 12.35hrs. Report of one male person on bench in Marina feeling 'very unwell'. Assessment confirmed early symptoms of a heart attack. 999 call to Ambulance Control. Patient wrapped in blankets and laid horizontal on bench. Patient deteriorating rapidly - further call to Bransford Ambulance Control and Air Ambulance mobilised. Fast response car in attendance, followed shortly by Air Ambulance. Casualty conveyed to Air Ambulance by Mercia Mobile. Patient taken to Worcester and then transferred to Wolverhampton for specialist treatment. Laterse report, patient stable.
14.10hrs. Crew stood down.
Friday 14th September

18.12hrs. Call from Conway Castle to report of drifting fishing boat and missing fisherman or men. Drifting boat located just south of Marina entrance. Boat is a 'derelict' no persons involved. Boat towed into Marina.
19.10hrs. Crew stood down.

25th-27th August Water safety at Water Festival
19th August Identification of missing cruiser.
Mercia 3 & Mercia 5 launched from Lower Lode slipway. Dive team sent down to identify the cruiser found in 12 feet of water 1 mile south of Lower Lode on River Severn. Boat identity was confirmed as Seniorita. Marker bouys attached to boat. Upper Lode Lock Keeper and BW were informed of boat and location. Crew stood down 13.00 hrs.
16th August Search for missing cruiser "Seniorita"
A boat was located on bottom of river one mile south of Lower Lode. Light was not sufficient to send divers down to identify boat.
12th August 16 Yr Old Male - Breathing Difficulties.16 Year Old Male with Breathing Difficulties recovered from boat to waiting paramedics at Worcester rowing club. Treated by paramedics at scene with oxygen. Released after treatment. No further action taken.
2nd August Bell House Tea rooms. Cellar flooding pump installed
28th July Mercia 5 launched to recover Dory adrift on River Severn at Uckinghall. No occupants or personal effects aboard. Boat towed and recovered to Upton Marina and awaiting owner collection.
26th July Cellar flooding at Etiquette
Water approaching electrics in cellar, came to see R Myers for 2nd time after being refused assistance by H& W FIRE. Pump installed.
25th July Recover car out of floods on Marina Road
23rd July Stand by at Fire Station stood down 4pm
22nd July Goom Stool Cottage, New St. Evacuate 2 persons and two cats
  Traffic control on Tunnel Hill various times during day
  Rescue 2 elderly residents from September Cottage Dunns Lane and take to safety
  Safety check to all properties in New St. Any residents still insitu take supplies and water
  Ryall False Alarm. Reported insulin case proved to be false alarm
  Rescue elderly gentleman from Star Hotel
  Evacuate 1 male from Old Pump House, New Street
  Check residents safety and water levels at Old Hall
  Evacuate 2 people and three dogs from Kings Head Hotel
  Evacuate lady from 30 New Street
  Evacuate lady and 2 dogs from 26 New Street
  Crimmond Rose Bungalow.
Recover and lift furniture for 2 elderly people rescued previous evening
  Take provisions to residents in Collinghurst House
  Further attempt to reach Boye Meadow Bungalow unsuccessful, current too strong
  Collect clothing from 23 New Street and take to Hill Centre
  10 Waterside House. Isolate electrics
  1 Waterside House. Evacuate 1 male
21st July Upton Sports Field.
Drunk male reported face down in mud and water - recovered and taken to safety
  2 properties at Hanley Castle, Mrs Hutton & Mrs Bowen. Flood water starting to enter buildings, sand bagged & polythene sheeted
  Rescue 2 elderly persons from Crimmond Rose Bungalow on the Waterfront and take to Hill Centre
  Search and find 2 lost 12 year old boys. Found on Railway Embankment. Rescue and bring back to New Street
  Square House, Tunnel Hill, cellar flooding to a depth of 6 feet approaching electrics. Pump installed.
  Delivered water and various items to residents in New St
  Ferry people from Memorial Hall to The Hill Centre various times and trips
  Main Marina Road flooded closure barriers installed and manned until 1.00am
  Property at Hanley Road starting to flood. Furniture and belongings raised
  Evacuate 2 people off Barge outside Swan Hotel
  Evacuate 1 elderly lady from East Waterside and take to Hastings Nursing Home, Barnards Green
  Another delivery of sandbags and distributed around Town
  British Waterways pontoon jammed front pontoon due to waterflow. Pontoon lifted, BW informed
  Evacuate 2 persons from flooded Bridge End Cottage
  Investigate flooding at Boye Meadow Bungalow. Advised occupants to evacuate, would not leave the property
  Remove 20 caravans from Boye Meadow to Upton Marina
  Evacuate 1 male from 31 New Street
20th July Swan Hotel. Deliver sandbags to Swan Hotel
  Sandbag Delivery - Upton Town
  Remoored Narrow Boat. Remoored Green Narrow Boat to Conway Castle moorings
  Pool House Caravan Park. Towed 5 Caravans off flooded site
  Guarlford Road Flooding
Guarlford Road serious flooding a total of 11 cars towed out plus maintaining traffic control
  General Standby. Patrolling town keeping an eye on flood levels
  Evacuation from Little Blossoms
Parents unable to get to Little Blossoms nursery to fetch reported 40 tots & infants. Parents fetched from numerous locations through deep waters & returned with children. Fetched bedding for 4 children & remaining staff to stop night.
  Deliver sandbags to properties in Ryall
  Delivery of Sandbags - Upton Town
  Delivery of Flood Signs - Longdon
  Gilberts End
Urgent delivery of sandbags requested over local radio -MISAR responded
19th July Flood Warning - Caravans & Boat Owners
Pool House Caravan Park - Flood Warning
Remoored narrow boats off steps to BW floating pontoon
16th July Safety check Waterside House. Safety check with Fire Service
7th July Incident: Male with spinal injuries
17:00 Crew called to male with possible spinal injuries on board a boat near Gravel barges. Mercia called to transport casualty off boat to waiting ambulance crew in Upton Marina. Casualty recovered and transported to Worcester Royal Hospital. Crew stood down 19:00
29th May 0115 hrs. Call from Police via Fire Control to person in River Avon, Evesham. Two boats mobilised 0118 hrs. Stop message received 0143 hrs. Person recovered safely by Police Officers. Crew stood down 0220 hrs.
26th May 0945 hrs. Call from Swan Rescue to assist with rescue of cygnets in Stourport British Waterways basin. Crew responded and carried out rescue of cygnets. Crew stood down 1230 hrs.
25th May 1803 hrs. Call from Police to report of dog in River Severn area north of Upton Bridge. Dog located and recovered safely. Crew stood down 1845 hrs.
21st May 1956 hrs. Call from Fire Control to drifting boat, Northwick area of River Severn, Worcester. Whilst en route passing canoeists managed to secure drifting boat. Crew stood down 2030 hrs.
21st May 1336 hrs. Called by Fire Control to assist Police, River Wye, Hampton Bishop. One person recovered from river. Crew stood down at 1600 hrs.
20th May 1600 hrs. Crews initially engaged on safety cover for Worcester Rowing Club. During boat recovery were in contact with Fire Service team responding to person reported in river at Grimley. Crew responded to assist Fire Service team. Call received confirming person recovered safely. All crews stood down 17.30 hrs
28th April 1030 hrs Call from Central Networks to assist with removal of overhead power lines. Mobile One and Mercia Five with crew of 2 responded. River traffic halted during cable removal. Crew stood down at 1400 hrs.
19th April 1747 hrs Call via British Waterways ro stranded 60' narrowboat 'Muscovy' on mud bank above Bevere Weir. Crew of 5 responded with Mobiles One and Three. Lines taken across to narrowboat and towed free using Mobile One. Crew stood down 1930hrs.
12th April 2050 hrs Called by proprietor of Starline Narrowboats to 55 ft narrow boat Bright Star, disabled and broadside across river south of Jubilee Bridge, Fladbury. Assistance given and boat safely moored for night. Crew stood down 2200 hrs.
9th April 1229 hrs Call from Fire Control to report of overturned canoe in area of Diglis Hotel, Worcester. Two Mercia boats responded to conduct search below weir, plus team on bank search. Overturned canoe located below weir and joint search undertaken with Fire Service boats down to Kempsey, nothing found. Search called off on Police instruction at 1413 hrs
5th April 0800 hrs Call from Central Networks to assist in bringing new power cables across by Diglis Weir. Mercia 5 and crew undertook required operation. Crew stood down 1400 hrs.
24th February 00.45 hrs. Call from Central Networks for bringing new cables across River Wye at Mordiford. Swans had flown into cables, taking several homes off power. Mercia crew ferried three new lines across. Crew stood down 16.00 hours
20th February 14.45 hrs. Call from Fire Control. Body found in River Salwarpe, Droitwich. Requested to wait for investigation by Police. Body recovered by Droitwich Fire Crew. Crew stood down 15.39
19/20/21 February Three day boat training course for West Midlands Fire Service by qualified Mercia Instructors.
16th February 1410 hrs. Mercia Mobile provided medical assistance at Road Traffic Accident on Upton/Pershore Road by Earls Croome. Stood down 1620 hrs.
9th February 1500 hrs. Three Mercia Landrovers deployed for Ambulance duties due to heavy snow. Three areas covered.
1. Hereford/Ross.
2. Droitwich
3. Upton/Worcester/Malvern
Total of four incidents attended. Crews stood down by midnight.
4th February 1110 hrs. Call from Upton Marina re missing fisherman. Vehicle still in car park after two days. Search undertaken and missing fisherman located safely. He had been sleeping on his boat!! Crews stood down 1158 hrs.
29th January 0900 hrs. Call from Central Networks for bringing new electrical cables across River Severn at Holt Fleet. Three cables ferried across, bringing last house in two counties back on power. Crew stood down 1158 hrs.
23rd January 1200 hrs. After hearing problems relating to the last property to be off mains power after the recent storms, highlighted on BBC Hereford and Worcester radio, Richard Myers of Mercia Inshore Search and Rescue contacted Hereford and Worcester radio to offer our services, which was gratefully accepted. The problem was that access was only possible by river which was still in a state of flood. Risk Assessment was undertaken and it was confirmed that access could be made by river up to the Lock House ie. the house missing power and a team with a Rescue Boat plus generator attended Holt Fleet and launched at the Holt Fleet Hotel and then conveyed the generator up to the Lock House and duly delivered it to Andy and his wife. This provided a much more powerful unit to assist whilst power was missing, noting that overhead power lines had come down and the river was too dangerous to attempt to bring in power lines across. The initial call out was 12 midday, with the team attending at 14.00 hrs and eventually standing down on return to Upton Station at 16.30 hrs.
17th January 0326 hrs called by Fire Control to assist in river search at Worcester. Report of possible one male person missing in River Severn. Two Mercia units plus Support Teams responded. 0413 Crews stood down on Police instruction - no person found, now awaiting further investigation by Police. Final return to Upton Station and Crew stand down at 0500 hrs.
13th January 0600 hrs call from Central Network for assistance with broken overhead power lines at Hampton Bishop, South Hereford. Trees had fallen on power lines over River Wye. Two Mercia units responded. After waiting for trees to be cut away, new power lines taken over flooded River Wye, by Mercia boats. Approximately 2000 homes reconnected. Crews stood down 1730 hrs.
12th January 2218 hrs called by Fire Control to persons trapped in car, in flood waters at Eckington Bridge. 2 crews mobile but stood down en route. People in car had exited car safely. Crew stood down 2315 hrs.
10th January Joint operations with Environment Agency for erection of flood barriers at Upton.
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