MISAR Callouts & Activities 2008
Date Incident
Sunday 14th December 1659hrs. Called by Fire Control, to vehicle in flood water at Eckington bridge. Two persons reported. Crew plus fast response Zodiac rescue boat mobilised. Stood down en route, persons rescued by Pershore Fire Crew, by wading through water prior to arrival of specialist units. Crew off duty 1750hrs.
Sunday 30th November 12.10hrs. Call received from local boater to report of pontoon having turned over and causing problems with moored boats, this being the moorings north of Pool House, river Severn in Upton. Mercia boats were already in the vicinity, carrying out training with other Rescue Teams, on the IFRA weekend. Mercia crew undertook rerighting the pontoon to safe position. Operation completed at 1300hrs.
Friday 28th November 00.38hrs. Called by Fire Control to report of person in river at Worcester. Crew mobilised, but stood down on route, "false alarm, good intent". Crew off duty at 01.20hrs.
Tuesday 18th November 1807 hrs. Called by Fire Control to report of person in River Avon, Bredon area following a sighting from a passing motorist on the M5 bridge. Hereford and Worcester boats were being launched at Bredon and Gloucester Fire and Rescue launching at Twyning. Mercia were mobilized and 1810 hrs, mobile one and Mercia 3 with crew of 7. Following investigation crews were stood down, as it was believed that it was a false alarm with good intent. Crews returned and stood down at 1900 hrs.
Wednesday 12th November 1030 hrs. Call received from Starline Narrowboats to assist with 60ft narrowboat at Ashleworth River Severn. Due to serious flood state of river, one mooring line had come off the top of the mooring posts and the second line was also at risk of coming off. The boat had also gone over the submerged jetty and would have been at great risk of capsize, as the waters subsided. The boat also had mechanical problems and had no working engine. Mercia crew in Mercia 2 launched and fastened a new line to the prow and then fastened this to a secure tree, just downstream. The remaining stern mooring line was cut and assisted with a tow from Mercia 2, the boat was swung around 180 degrees and a second line was fastened to the stern and then to a suitable tree. Boat is therefore safely moored, awaiting the flood levels to drop and left for regular monitoring by the owner. Crew stood down at 1300hrs
Sunday 11th October 1600hrs. Called to drifting cruiser, Kempsey area River Severn. Cruiser located and taken in tow to Upton Marina. Crew stood down 1815hrs.
Sunday 5th October 1100hrs. Call from Environment Agency to assist with second stage barriers, operations to commence at 1300hrs. Crews on duty until 2100hrs, with all barrier operations completed.
Saturday 4th October 1300hrs. Call from Environment Agency to assist with flood barriers at Upton. Crew required to commence operations at 1600hrs. First stage barriers completed by 2345hrs and crew stood down.
Friday 3rd October 0900hrs. Assistance provided to Environment Agency in flood barrier operations. Crew stood down 1430hrs
Sunday 28th September 1600hrs. Call from skipper of Conway Castle to assist with group of medical students jumping off boat into particularly cold river! Suitable assistance provided and with additional support from West Mercia Police, students escorted on to waiting coaches. Crew stood down 1730hrs.
Sunday 21st September 13.00hrs. Called by Central Networks to assist with broken power lines over lake in Belmont area of Hereford. Team of three mobilised with small Zodiac rescue boat. Cables safely taken over lake and power restored. Team stood down 1800hrs
Saturday 20th September Final operation completed in raising a cruiser in Back of Avon Tewkesbury. Boat towed to Tewkesbury Marina and lifted on to hard standing for repair operations. Total operation took two Saturdays and a total of 22 hours involving a team of six Mercia personnel. Photos
Sunday 7th September 01.30hrs. Called by Central Networks to assist with major cable fault at Holm Lacey in Herefordshire. It was agreed to provide a boat team and to meet at 0430hrs. Team duly attended and provided required support. Team stood down at 0730hrs
Saturday 6th September

11.45 hrs. Called by proprietor of Poole House Caravan Park to report of 30ft river cruiser breaking free of moorings. Mercia lifeboat No 3 responded and together with Mercia SRT bank crew, new mooring lines safely fitted and boat securely moored. Operation completed 1400hrs. Mercia crew resumed safety cover around Upton area.

09.46 hrs. Called by Fire Contol to two ladies trapped in their four wheel drive vehicle, this being after driving into deep flooded New Street lane, Upton Upon Severn. Mercia team and fire service attended. Vehicle located and both ladies safely rescued by Mercia team. One lady suffering from hypothermia and conveyed to hospital by ambulance. Incident closed 1100hrs. Mercia crew resumed safety cover in Upton area.

Friday 5th September 20.56 hrs. Called by Fire Control to one male person trapped on car roof ,in river Ford at Ford Rd Droitwich. Fire Service and Mercia attnded. Person safely rescued. Crew returned to Upton at 23.00 hrs and joined other Mercia crew on safety cover during erection of flood defences. Situation ongoing
Saturday 30th August 10.00 hrs. 6 crew attended with MISAR divers, Ian Cundy & Paul Austin, to raise a boat sunk in April at Tewkesbury. Previous attempts to raise the boat by other parties had failed. The boat was refloated and turned around ready to be recovered by insurance agents. However, overnight the boat sunk again. Crew stood down at 21.00 hrs. Photos
Monday 25th August 1700 hrs. Attended with MISAR divers to release tree trunks from under a visiting cruiser. Trunks freed safely. Crew stood down at 1900 hrs. Photos
Tuesday 12th August 1550 hrs. Call from Fire Control to canoeist trapped on Diglis Weir Boom. specialist Mercia Swift Water Team mobilised. Canoeist safely rescued by Fire Service personnel. 1730 hrs crew stood down.
Saturday 26th July 17.30hrs. Called by British Waterways to hire narrowboat, drifting with engine failure on river Severn south of Upton upon Severn. Mercia 3 crew responded and narrowboat & passengers towed to Avonside moorings at Tewkesbury. Engine failure caused by pouring oil into cooling system by mistake. Crew stood down 20.00 hrs.
Saturday 18th July Crew engaged on safety cover for Upton Blues Festival. Emergency First Air was provided to young child suffering dog bite.
Tuesday 22nd August 1930 hrs. Crew on standby due to Worcester bridge incident. Incident closed 2130 hrs, crew off standby.
Saturday 12th July 1420 Hrs. One lady swimmer. Participating in Upton Triathlon - developed cramp and was in very difficult state. She was safely rescued using new "TEST" Rescue Craft involving jet ski towing rescue sledge. The lady was safely taken to landing stage for further on-land treatment. Use of new jet ski (Rescue Water Craft on RWC) allowed safe close attendance in amongst other swimmers. Incident closed 1440.
Friday 4th July 2132 hrs. Called by Fire Control to assist Ambulance Service in removing casualty off moored narrowboat at Pershore town moorings. Two crew mobilised, but stood down en route. 2215 hrs crew stood down.
Sunday 29th June 0245 hrs. Called by Ambulance Service for assistance in removing casualty off moored narrowboat at Upton town moorings. One lady had fallen in the river and was suffering severe hypothermia. Crew responded and casualty safely collected and taken to Marina slipway for conveyance to Worcester Hospital by ambulance. 0315 hrs crew stood down.
Saturday 14th June 1058 hrs Called by Fire Control to report of cow in River Avon, Twyford Garden Centre.
1103 hrs Crew mobile to Evesham. Incident dealt with by Fire Service prior to our attendance. 1300 hrs crew stood down.
Thursday 22nd May 2115 hrs Call from Clevelode resident to report of sheep in River Severn at Clevelode. Two boats responded and sheep recovered safely. 2300 hrs crew stood down
Thursday 15th May 1830 hrs Crew mobilised to 2nd search for coaching launch in River Severn Worcester. Detailed search located sunken boat. Recovery safely undertaken. 23.20 hrs crew stood down.
Sunday 10th May 1225 hrs One female safely recovered from River Severn, Central Worcester area. Ambulance and Police Attendance. Crew stood down 1255 hrs
Thursday 8th May 1845 hrs Crew mobilised to search for sunken coaching launch in River Severn Worcester. Detailed search undertaken, nothing located. 2230 hrs crew stood down.
Sunday 4th May a. 1110 hrs One male person removed from pleasure boat - suffering scald from hot water, caused by wash from speeding boats - taken to St Johns Medical Centre.
b. 1619 hrs Called by Fire Control to report of person in River Severn, by Severn St, Worcester. Person recovered safely prior to attendance . Crew stood down 1645 hrs
Saturday 3rd May a. 1125 hrs One male person safely recovered from River Severn by Swan Steps, Upton.
b. 1530 hrs One female slipped on cobbles by waters edge, Upton falling on concrete steps, causing head injury and concussion. Taken to St Johns Medical Centre. Casualty taken to hospital by ambulance
Thursday 3rd April 2125 hrs  Called by Fire Control to incident at Powick "Old Teme Bridge". Report of one male person threatening to jump off bridge into river. One boat and crew of 5 mobilised to Powick with Mercia Control in operation and five crew standing by at Upton base. Mercia team joined Fire Service personnel in deploying around Teme bridge. Person was safely removed from bridge by Police Officers. Crew stood down 2315 hrs
Tuesday 25th March 1940 hrs Called by Fire Control to report of person threatening to jump off Pershore bridge. One boat and Swift Water Rescue Team mobilised to Pershore. Person recovered safely by Police. Crews stood down 2115 hrs
Sunday 24th February 10.00am. Crew engaged in salvage of 52' narrowboat which sunk some eight weeks ago. Location Upton town moorings, river Severn. Total of four pumps used in successful recovery. 14.00hrs salvage operation completed and vessel safely moored. Pictures of the operation
Saturday 23rd February

13.30hrs. Called by West Mercia Police to search river Severn, area of race course in centre of Worcester. Report of missing person. Person located asleep on river bank. 14.10 crew stood down.

14.10hrs. Call to attend unconcious lady rower in centre of Worcester, river Severn. Lady located and transported by Mercia 5 to rendezvous with Paramedic unit. 14.40 crew stood down.

Thursday 7th February 09.05hrs. Called to van trapped in rising flood water, New Street lane, Upton. One rescue team responded and towed van to safe area. 09.50 crew stood down
Monday 21st January 18.00 hrs. Call from Environment Agency to assist with erection of flood barriers at Waterside, Upton upon Severn. Crew of 6. 11.45hrs crew stood down.
Saturday 12th January 21.00 hrs. Call from Police to assist with road closure of main Hanley Road, Upton due to serious flooding. 00.15hrs crew stood down
Friday 11th January 19.00hrs. Call from Environment Agency to assist with erection of flood barriers at Waterside, Upton upon Severn. Crew of 8 involved, working with EA personnel. 00.30hrs crew stood down.
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